Future Generations Event

We are proud to have Cerissa be our first endorsement in Alabama. Cerissa is a no-gimmicks candidate who has the courage to campaign on environmental justice, increasing access to mental health services, and addressing neighbors’ homelessness, all for Birmingham because she is running on the issues that matter and impact her community directly.

We’ve seen that given a great progressive candidate to vote for, we can build enthusiasm and we can win and WIN BIG! We have built a nationwide coalition with organizations like Our Revolution, Sunrise Movement, Youth Climate Strike, MoveOn, and Flip the West to build our progressive bench! 

We can do the same for Cerissa in Birmingham and can continue to expand in some of the most critical races in Alabama as we did in Texas in 2020, and again this June by electing Junior Ezeonu, the first progressive to Grand Prairie City Council!

We can only win with your support. Will you split a donation with Cerissa and Future Generations?

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